To create something with your hands is to participate in an age-old relationship.

Every piece I create will hopefully find its way into someone else's life, and as I work on each one I wonder who the recipient will be. Where are they right now? How will this impact their life?

I'm consumed with these thoughts as I bring each piece to life.


Working from a small studio in my home in Durham, NC, I draw inspiration from nature and organic forms. Ideas are pruned to their simplest form.

An important activity most days is to spend some time consuming some of the amazing work of artists from other mediums: Potters, paper cutters, fiber artists, and Japanese enamel artists to name a few. A design can be inspired by a mood, or texture or color of an unrelated work. No matter how original we think we can be, the truth is that everything we create is ultimately fed by our experiences and things we've been exposed to.